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Thomas Bello Rivas is never happier than when he’s recording in a vocal booth.  A highly sought-after voice talent, Thomas is a versatile artist with extensive knowledge in a variety of subjects.


His dynamic career began nearly 10 years ago, when he moved to New York City to pursue voice acting.  To fund his dream, he accepted a position working in the mailroom at the New York Times.  Within a few years, he’d worked his way up from mail delivery to front page designer and freelance writer for the legendary paper.  Thomas continued to work for the New York Times at night, concentrating on voice during the day, until his voiceover career flourished and demanded his full attention.   


Currently based in Los Angeles, Thomas is a SAG-AFTRA member and a New York Times Publishers Award recipient.  He hopes to use his talents to make a lasting imprint on today’s youth. 


“I identified with so many characters in the shows I watched when I was growing up,” he says.  “I hope to be as influential to the next generation.”      

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